Jack Moore, Welding Engineer

Our Welding Engineer!

Jack Moore is a welding engineer who works at Yaskawa Motoman. He builds, tests, and programs robots to weld and complete complex jobs. Jack studied to be a welding engineer at The Ohio State University and focuses on metallurgy. His expertise in this branch of science allows him to understand how heat and metal properties work together for successful welding.

What's this Job all about?

Welding engineers focus on the process of joining metals through heat and pressure and study the properties of different types of metals.  This allows them to design and optimize welding processes, design efficient welding equipment, perform quality analysis, and oversee the manufacturing process. Welding engineers are organized, analytical problem solvers and get to create, design and analyze blueprints and drawings. Like other engineers, a welding engineer works in a team setting to brainstorm, solve and develop solutions to every day problems and challenges.

Jack also programs robots to complete these specific welding tasks repeatedly. As an engineer, Jack's goal is to develop and build robots that do dull, dirty and dangerous jobs.  This ultimately keeps more humans safe. Jack programs robots to do automated work and also develops software which he uses to program the robots. 




Mister C controlling a robot that can shovel - WunderSTEM



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