Jennifer Tymkew, Athletic Trainer YSU

Meet Our Athletic Trainer

Jen TymKew is the an athletic trainer for the Youngstown State University Penguins. An athletic trainer plays a crucial role in the world of sports and physical fitness, serving as a dedicated healthcare professional responsible for the well-being and performance of athletes. With their extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and injury prevention, athletic trainers are instrumental in preventing, diagnosing, and treating sports-related injuries.

What's this Job all about?

In their day-to-day responsibilities, athletic trainers work closely with athletes, coaches, and other medical professionals to create comprehensive training and conditioning programs tailored to individual needs. They monitor athletes during practice sessions and competitions, ensuring proper technique and form to minimize the risk of injuries. Should an injury occur, the athletic trainer is there to provide immediate care, evaluate the severity of the injury, and determine the appropriate course of treatment. Athletic trainers are adept at implementing rehabilitation plans, utilizing various therapeutic modalities, such as therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and taping techniques. They also possess excellent interpersonal skills, as they need to effectively communicate with athletes, coaches, and medical staff to coordinate care, educate on injury prevention strategies, and provide emotional support throughout the recovery process. Additionally, athletic trainers play a vital role in emergency situations, acting as first responders to provide immediate medical attention, stabilize injuries, and make critical decisions regarding further medical intervention. An athletic trainer's job requires a unique blend of medical knowledge, technical skills, and compassion, as they strive to optimize athletic performance while safeguarding the health and well-being of athletes.




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