Elizabeth Cusack, Library Deputy Director

Our Director of Operations

Elizabeth Cusack is the Deputy Director for the Greene County Public Library. Elizabeth is responsible for purchasing, organizing and distributing books and resources to all of the branches in the county. Elizabeth has worked for the library for over 20 years and loves being a champion for her community.  Her role as deputy director is critical and ensures that everyone in her community has access to all of the books and resources they want to check out! 

What's this Job all about?

A deputy director is essentially a director of operations. This job encompasses all aspects of the library system. From managing and hiring employees to purchasing books and resources for each of the branches, a director of operations ensures that the system is running smoothly.  If, and when, the system isn't working properly, the director of operations works to find solutions to streamline the workflow. With such a large entity, the library system needs to be efficient in all aspects to ensure that books, magazines, videos and other resources are circulated properly between all of the branches. 




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