Janice Potter, Technical Director & Program Manager

Our Technical Director & Program Manager

Janice Potter is the Technical Director and Program Manager at the Schuster Center for Dayton Live. Janice ensures that every production that tours and visits the Schuster Center has all of the necessary components to bring the show to life. She's in charge of communicating all of the show's needs to her team. Not only does Janice manage all of the shows that come to the venue, but she gets to interact with all sorts of cool STEM in her career!

What's this Job all about?

The role of a Theatre Technical Director and Production Manager is a multifaceted and critical position within the performing arts industry. This position combines technical expertise, organizational skills, and artistic vision to ensure the successful execution of theatrical productions. Theatre Technical Director and Production Managers are responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of a production, from pre-production to post-production.

The role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including set design and construction, lighting and sound design, equipment management, budgeting, scheduling, and team coordination. During the pre-production phase, the technical director collaborates with directors, designers, and production teams to translate creative visions into practical and achievable technical plans.

This role contributes expertise in areas such as set design, stage rigging, and special effects to ensure that the production elements are feasible within the given resources and time constraints. The role manages the technical crew and supervises the execution of the production's technical aspects which involves overseeing the construction and installation of sets, coordinating lighting and sound cues, and ensuring the proper functioning and maintenance of all technical equipment.

The Theatre Technical Director and Production Manager, is also responsible for budgeting and resource management and relies heavily on organizational skills and attention to detail will be essential in managing budgets effectively and ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently. A Theatre Technical Director and Production Manager, is crucial in bringing the creative vision of a theatrical production to life. The technical expertise, leadership skills, and organizational acumen are fundamental in creating memorable and seamless experiences for both the audience and the production team.


fly rail system arbor Schuster Center


Pit Spiral Lift Schuster Center


Janice Potter Schuster Center in front of Fly Rail
Schuster Center fly rail system
Pit Spiral Lift Schuster Center
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